Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Giving Up on Web Page Design

I've seen the light, at last. After months of struggling to make a library webpage with a weak tool and little knowledge, not to mention NO desire to learn HTML, I've taking good advice from SLJ and have decided to use a wiki for my page. Yes, yes, I know wikis are meant more for collaborative projects, and I intend to keep control of this one, but last spring's SLJ article on wikis convinced me that wiki is the way to go. So I've chosen wikispaces, because it's easy and it's nice looking, AND it gives free accounts to educators.

I'm uncertain about the final success of this, since I don't know, for instance, how much data I can fit in, but I'm feeling liberated and happy. Now, if I could just get my camera out of the repair shop so I can resume taking pictures. All technologies are like this: once you learn to use them, then you feel handicapped if you lose them. I feel as though a hand's been cut off with the loss of use of my camera.
P.S. Don't look for significance in the picture, as related to this post. there isn't any: it's just a nice picture I took downtown.

Small but important tech tip: don't carry your camera loose in your purse: put it in a protective case.

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