Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dunstan's Sea Lion of Approval (with apologies to Doug....

Inspired, as always, by the Blue Skunk, St. Dunstan offers his own Sea Lion of Approval as a pledge that anything you see or hear here is but idiosyncratic reactions to hearsay. Anything over on the more polite "St. Dunstan's Notes," however, a similar pledge to the Blue Skunk's should appear: that is, that Dunstan will recommend only personally experienced or otherwise validated Good Stuff. Dunstan must have been there, read it, tasted it, sniffed it, felt it, listened to it, kicked its tires, and otherwise subjected it to examination. Here, though, no such polite restraint applies, only such as keeps ourselves out of trouble.
There is a rumor afoot, soon to be checked out, that the good saint is to be retired, that his was is the old way and the new way is much more given to verbosity and high-falutin'-babble. But hey, I read Clay Shirky this summer (that makes TWO -- count 'em, two -- non-fiction books this summer (see "Notes" for the other), and speaking as maybe the old saint's only spokesperson I would like to report that -- watch out, here comes everybody, and we are here! So who cares if anyone's listening, we are speaking!
Stay tuned.