Friday, January 25, 2008

Wikis Are Too Much Fun

Our school needs a research guide with various parts to it, and especially a section on plagiarism. So I'm making a wiki on wikispaces. It's very easy and a lot of fun. It took a couple of sessions to figure out how to edit the navigation column and how to link pages, and I'm finding the formatting a bit frustrating, but overall I'm very happy. I've set it so that anyone can look at it but only members (our faculty) can edit it. it's at

The Web 2.0 tools are great for users like me, who are not afraid of technology and use it a lot but are not technically oriented by nature and don't want to learn html and the like. Blogs, wikis -- yeah!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Wishes for 2008

Well, I lost the first draft of this and will try again. Following the lead of Doug Johnson, I will articulate some wishes for my library and school for the new year. Since my blog is a general one about the library, and not specifically a tech blog like Doug's, the items will be diverse.

I wish:

* that the administration and board continue to support educational technology at a high level

* that faculty continue to improve their skills at using all the new tools, both hardware and software, becoming more and more comfortable with such and thereby enhacing the classroom experience

* that we make time for more faculty in service sessions where we can practice using new tools

* that more teachers will catch on to the value of blogging

* that faculty work together to draft a manual of good research practices, with an emphasis on practical ways to avoid student plagiarism (such as lessons in how to summarize and paraphrase)

* that my budget might permit me to buy more high quality books

* that those students who enjoy reading continue to do so, and that more readers are tempted by our materials

* that our eighth graders really get involved in reading for Battle of the Books and make us proud at the competition!

* that all faculty attend a conference or a workshop to learn about new tools and practices

* that more students in classes engage in constructive discussion rather than just memorizing lists of facts

* that the library gets its web page, now to be a wiki, up to snuff! and that it is used by students and faculty

* that the arts receive their fair share of support

* that all teachers feel valued and empowered

* that dstudents more and more take responsibility for their own learning
Photo by jlh of art by Bri Johnson, West Barrington, RI